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Girlsdoporn official forum thread
New RCS show promise!
The one in the white shirt / black top looks intriguing. asian? innocent?
New here, how long from shooting a new scene to uploading that scene is expected?
(02-09-2018, 06:11 PM)kingwin Wrote:  The one in the white shirt / black top looks intriguing. asian? innocent?

Her legs look very veiny or bruised
Anyone wanna post the new RCS's?
New scene is up:

[Image: Screen_Shot_2018_02_10_at_12_03_05_AM.jpg]
Wow this week's update was a PASS. She's deleted scene quality at best lmao.

And the two RCS are meh. And really? Asian? She looks nothing close to Asian.

And aside from the one skinny black girl, the past months have been lacking "color".
I must say I agree with frosin83 regarding this weeks update.

I’m not as dead set against boob jobs as some members but this girls I’m sorry to say looks a bad one, at least to me.

The little excitement I had for the scene took a further blow when the condom came out.

No surprises to see yet another girls first shoot end in a facial which I think now makes 9 out of the last 10 first time scenes ending with this cumshot.

Talk about repetitive it’s almost as if GDP are now allergic to variety.

I’m sorry but if you’re only releasing one main shoot a week it’s needs to be of a much higher standard than that.
any chance of getting the RCS in HD
This weeks had a good interview, fake boobs were not great. Asking about cream pie in interview and then seeing a condom was disappointing. But based on what she said, maybe the male talent requested it.

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