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Girlsdoporn official forum thread
Yes it is odd that the bend over during undressing is taken Away. Wtf is that about?? Seeing a 18 yr old spread her pussy in HD is very underappreciated thing in life. Do what's right. Thank goodness for Rocco Siffredi. Lol.
Bring this chick back for a REAL facial
Dre ruined the ending for the green dress scene. Not sure what he was doing but that has to be edited somehow.
Great update beside the bad editing as said before. Please bring her back for a creampie!!!! Loved her.
Thanks for the 4K for green dress.
Yes, PLEASE bring back this hairy babe for more scenes.

She's definitely one of the best updates in a while.
Loved the new update.
Would love to see this girl come back for a scene with the regular male talent. She was a deleted scene.

(02-02-2018, 07:43 PM)Jetblue Wrote:  
(02-02-2018, 07:01 PM)ReDragon Wrote:  2 new RCS look smoking.....shame they will come along after my current membership is up, won't be re-upping. Ive been a member again 2 months and the best updates have been the 2 deleted scenes by a long, long regular update has been a repeat (the skinny tan brunette with the great bum) but I much preferred her first scene (facial) over the repeat, again by a long way. Disappointed...

Can you post a pic of the regular scene you were talking about, I'm curious now.

Thumbnail attached...

My run of being disappointed with the regular updates continues by the way, green dress girl has a big rack but despite their size they are not particularly nice tits. Didn't the deleted scene/pro girl get slagged off for carrying too much weight? If that was truly the case then I'm not sure how this girl made it as a regular...don't get me wrong, I often champion the variety of GDP girls and apparently many of you are happy with her, but I personally can't even fap to this one, way too wobbly for my tastes...

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
(02-03-2018, 11:22 AM)JustJoe Wrote:  
(02-03-2018, 11:00 AM)Lewdreed Wrote:  
(02-03-2018, 09:49 AM)hambone1 Wrote:  What's going on with editing of videos over the last few months? No bathroom cleanups in the main video anymore and undressing scenes are abbreviated too. Fix this or I'm out.

This is probably the most unfortunate development in the history of this site. I was willing to forgive the frequent criticism that the scenes were too formulaic, mostly because they featured really hot girls who were mostly one-and-done models. But now they're removing even some of the most enjoyable parts of the formula. Undressing and running to the bathroom scenes were two of my favorite parts (mostly because it was the part of the video where you could really enjoy her body, and particularly her ass). It makes absolutely no sense why they would remove it.

Like, I get how they don't want to do all the playing with toys stuff they used to do because it was not always great for the product they wanted to produce, plus they branched into GDT so why do toys in the GDP area. But has there been any girl who said she wasn't OK with getting on her hands and knees after undressing, or spreading her cheeks, or being filmed running to the bathroom to get cleaned up? I mean, some of them weren't INTO it, they were OK with doing it upon request.

I will also be canceling my membership if they decide this is no longer part of the GDP formula.
You two brought up really valid points that I agree with 100%.

At times, it makes me wonder is it because of the #MeToo movement that these girls are no longer told to bend over and spread their ass cheeks and are no longer chase to the bathroom while the camera pans on their jiggling asses.

I just hope we get this again soon.

I brought up both of these issues separately in this section and also in the Cameraman Suggestion section. They apparently fell on deaf ears. Seeing the girls get naked and having the camera pan their lovely naked bodies is an integral part of the experience. The post sex bathroom interview puts the capstone on the entire video. I really liked it when the interviewer asked the girls how many orgasms they had. I urge GDP management to put these sections back in the videos.
My my two cents about this weeks update and recent posts/complaints....

Thought this weeks girl was very hot. She had a pretty face, great rack(I'm a fan of real boobies), nice ass despite the acne scars, and overall looked sexy while getting banged. She was kinda quiet but gave us some louder moans when Dre went deep. Literally laughed out loud during the bj when Dre wanted to slap his cock on her younger and she just knelt there confused about what he was doing. Then again when she literally choked when he barley had his tip in her mouth lol. Kinda liked how she wasn't completely shaven and you could hear how wet her pussy was at times.

Wouldn't mind seeing her back but for a GGB threesome! If it were up time, I'd only bring a girl back for a GGB or BBG threesome!
We have all complained time and time again about Dee's cumshots. This has taken it to a new low. I seriously don't even thing he nutted at the end. That's complete BS. Ruined the whole update in my mind. It's not rocket science to figure out how to get better money shots out of this guy. Tell him not to bust his nut for 3-4 days, then if he can't last, film the pop shot first. People are not renewing their memberships bc of this and GDP should give a F that it's happening! 
The editing does suck too! Make these girls take their panties down bent over the nightstand like they did for years!! Ask them to play with their tits & spread their butt cheeks. Ask them what they think of his cock after the first bj! The bathroom interview at the end was always a fan favorite, and to cut that out is just plain stupid! 
Everyone's right, gdp continues to give us hot amateurs, but how does cutting out all the things that made gdp great make any sense?!?!
The RCS's look really cute! Smile

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