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Review for "Classic 18 year old"
[Image: nx04yh.jpg]

-18 years old
-soft spoken and very chill; comes off like the kind of girl that seems very down to earth and easy to talk to about anything; claims to be a little nervous but came off relaxed and confident in her interview
-admits to having sex in a confessional booth inside of a Catholic church
-very cute looking girl with mid-length brown hair: average size perky tits, thin legs and flat stomach, small bubble butt

About the sex:
-lots of rough play during the BJ that is not often seen with current GDP episodes; from the beginning the male talent starts by slowly shoving his cock into her mouth which became a lot more ferocious as the BJ progressed which she was able to handle like a real trooper; her ability to take all of his cock down her throat made the throat fucking extra hot; not too much use of her hands due to her taking his entire cock down her throat with ease with lots of drool, sloppiness and some gagging

[Image: 2.mp4_000621125.jpg]

[Image: 2.mp4_000669724.jpg]

-8:20 she admits to really liking his cock and can’t wait to have it in her after Jordan asks her how she likes his dick

-sex starts deceivingly slow for about the first minute with lots of slow pumps and ass slaps in doggy and then picks up very strong very quickly and stays intense for a very good portion of the episode; some good hair pulling right and nice control of her body in the 1st position and very good and hard fucking in the 2nd position
-vocal feedback is incredible from her with lots of strong moans and occasional struggles to even get the moans out; will occasionally yell out cues like “fuck me” and “oh my god” and lots of “yeah’s”; facial expressions were equally sexy with her looking right into the camera with some of the hottest reactions to show everyone how much fun she was having, even smiling at times due to how good it was for her

[Image: 2.mp4_000981711.jpg]

[Image: 2.mp4_000888721.jpg]

[Image: 2.mp4_001300855.jpg]

-26 minutes in during the 2nd BJ she almost has a little accident when he was giving her more facefucking treatment

-scene ends with a facial which she really enjoyed by the way she laughed and smiled after the fact
-although the sex was amazing throughout the entire episode, the first two positions doggy and cowgirl, stand out above the rest; the sex just seemed to be extra intense and heavy during the 1st half of the episode

-this episode ranks among my top 10 favorite GDP episodes of all time and is one of the early episodes that introduced me into GDP many years ago; this was some of THE hottest sex not only in any GDP episode but in porn in general and made only hotter with attitude and her reactions, the way she stared into the camera with no other thought in her head other than that of getting thoroughly worked over; this was a girl who seriously wanted to get fucked and manhandled and the male talent delivers in spades
I was going to to ask who this is, but you're definitely talking about that girl from almost 200 episodes back. She also works as a model too.

She's very pretty and has a nice body despite being on the skinny side. And definitely, the rough facefucking and eventual deepthroat was my favorite part. I wish future scenes would have similar deepthroating.
This scene is for sure in the top 10 during my golden age of gdp between ep 125-225.Super cute natural girls,male talent fucking the shit out of them.Hair pulling,Jordan asking random questions while girls are getting fucked.Ah the good old days....
One of my favorites ever..i watch this scene a couple times a month. A ruthless dick gobbler and mean banger. That's what this should always be about.
Is this scene still available? If yes, can you please post a link to the scene?
Found here
Can someone post a link on where to find this one?

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