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Review for "“Black Top and Green Skirt”
[Image: 5dv6uv.jpg]

Review of “black top and green skirt”

-20 years old
-in a relationship for 8 months and he doesn’t know what she is doing; claims that this is the 1st time she will be cheating on him
-comes off soft spoken in the beginning but shows she’s excited and chipper and seems very eager to be doing her scene; has a big smile and giggles frequently while giving nice full answers to questions; overall I’d say she has a sweet and bubbly personality
-cute looking girl with a belly button piercing and a very small frame; small tits and little ass, thin legs and a tiny waist

About the sex:
-gives a good strong BJ; is only able to get it down half way down her throat but sucks with great energy, enough to where she even tears up before the 1st edit; uses her hands to assist aside from a few moments when her hands are moved; male talent does show signs of life towards the end when he grabs her and starts pulling her more into him

[Image: nvbnev.jpg]

-very early on you can see her struggling just a little to handle his size but seemed almost determined to make herself get used to it; sex started off nice and tame but became very explosive soon after; needless to say she became very accustomed to his size because by the 2nd position, she was riding his dick like there was no tomorrow; even during the 2nd half of the episode the intensity was still going strong between these two with lots of thunderous pounding that almost never really lets up

[Image: sl39l3.jpg]

-vocal feedback left nothing to the imagination; can clearly hear the struggle in her voice which sounded almost like whimpers and very quickly turned into loud screams when he started to really let her have it which lasts throughout most of the episode; facial expressions are borderline legendary with the way her eyes roll back into her head showing without any doubts that she was completely lost in the sex; all felt natural without any sort of production for the camera

[Image: 2n6dh0g.jpg]

[Image: 2ce3j2t.jpg]

[Image: vdhfd5.jpg]

[Image: 34hb5fc.jpg]

-scene ends with a facial which she claims is her first ever; also some nice post head afterwards

[Image: nyahcm.jpg]

-as far as the best sex is concerned, all positions were equally hot and explosive, however the 1st position missionary should definitely be noted for seeing her transition from squirmy to engulfed with pleasure

-another GDP that should go down in the history books; what we have here is a classic case of seeing a girl, who just happens to have a boyfriend back home, getting totally drilled with a huge dick she’s never experienced before for almost 30 minutes of good hardcore fucking; her afterglow after the scene ended should be all the indication needed to let everyone know how good the sex felt for her
This is one of the best scenes on the site
Very good scene..that whole 5 ep run was epic

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