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So who’s the GOAT?
For me, these ten girls are my top ten.
[Image: Who.jpg]

But out of these ten beauties, this girl = GDP.
[Image: GOAT.jpg]

The scene was somewhat lackadaisical but the girl is a top notch beauty. A gorgeous Latina with a phat ass and thigh gap is my cup of tea. She also looks pretty tall. I love long legs on my women. Well, either that, or the stunt cock is just tiny.

So if you have to pick just one girl based on physical appearance, which girl is the greatest of all time?
(06-08-2017, 09:01 AM)JustJoe Wrote:  For me, these ten girls are my top ten.
[Image: Who.jpg]
2, 5, & 6 are among my top 10 too.
but then again, there are 20-30 candidates that could be in my top 10.
idk how to put this many pics in a post so i can't post a definitive top 10 as of right now.
but guys, keep this thread going.

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