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Review for 3/3/17
[Image: 20k4y1w.jpg]

3/3/2017 Review:
-round 2 of SMOKING HOT BLOND IN PEACH DRESS (click here for review)
-claims to have not had sex since her last shoot but makes no mention of the guy she claimed to be seeing in the last shoot
-states that she is going to do anal tonight and admits that she has never done it before
-also states she is going to be receiving a creampie which is something else she has never experienced before

About the sex:
-not only are her BJ skills are still exceptionally hot but they seemed to have improved slightly since her last scene; she sucks with a greater amount of energy than before and even gets his cock a little further down her throat than last time, and incorporates a two-handed stroke technique while sucking which was very hot to see
-tonight’s episode played out pretty much exactly like her first episode; the sex was mostly average during the 1st half of the episode and was more engaging during the 2nd half; the chemistry did not feel as real as it did during the 1st episode but the scene was still hot enough to be enjoyed especially if you enjoyed her the 1st time
-reactions all felt the same as before, very little noise aside from breathing and some moans here-and-there while her facial expressions remain mostly static throughout
-despite stating that there would be anal, there was no anal in tonight’s episode
-scene does end in the standard GDP missionary creampie
-all positions brought something equally hot to the table; missionary ended with her having an orgasm towards the end, cowgirl and doggy were particularly hot due to the way she bounces her ass

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good review, thanks.

and oh man, what i would give...

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