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Review for 2/3/17
[Image: vd23it.jpg]

2/3/17 Review:
-18 years old
-a little soft spoken; personality ranges between sweet and innocent and kind of bland but she does smile a lot during her interview; has a Spanish accent indicating that English is not her native language
-claims to have only been with 2 guys and hasn’t had sex in over a year
-claims to have never given a blowjob
-very pretty looking girl with mid-length brunette hair: small frame but not boney, small tits, thin legs, does not get any shots of her ass although it is small yet perky from what I was able to gather

About the sex:
-with this being her alleged first BJ ever, it’s to be expected that it was pretty lack luster; the energy was very low and she barely got it down half way; the hotness however lies in the experience of her having a dick in her mouth for the first time
-sex starts off very slow and easy and evenly fluctuates between hot and soft sex throughout the episode, with the 1st and 3rd positions being more tame and the 2nd and 4th positions being more intense
-vocal feedback consists of lots of loud moans and lots of “yes” moans; felt monotone at times but never felt fake; facial expressions show her being into the sex although it did remain mostly static aside from a few moments during the final position; her overall reactions felt very genuine
-no condom used for this scene
-scene ends with her very first facial
-best positions would have to between cowgirl and doggy for having the most energetic performance between the two of them; many MANY bonus points for bringing back front view of doggy and I really do hope to see this angle in future episodes

[Image: 2rpb9cp.jpg]

-due to her being 18 year old and having very few sex partners, I was convinced she was going to be stiff throughout the entire episode and fortunately I was proven wrong; although the hard sex wasn’t consistent, there was definitely enough chemistry between the two performers to make the scene very enjoyable; she not only was able to quickly adjust to his size but was able to pick up her performance quite nicely as the episode progressed and fuck him pretty good, and with her noticeably happy and smiling after the sex was over, there’s no question that she thoroughly enjoyed her experience

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