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Review for 1/20/17
[Image: i3uvyo.jpg]

1/20/17 Review:
-round 2 of BEAUTIFUL BRUNETTE IN WHITE TOP (click here for review)
-still same bubbly personality as before; smiles a lot and is very cheerful and positive
-claims to have not had sex since the last time she shot her 1st episode

About the sex:
-gives the same BJ as before; no deepthroating or assertiveness from the male talent, however like before she switches attention between him and camera and sucks him with a decent amount liveliness to make the BJ hot to watch

[Image: 11rugzl.jpg]

-sex for the most part was also similar to 1st episode; starts off nice and strong in the 1st position, cowgirl, and maintains good strong chemistry for most of the episode; the hard pounding slowed down a bit at times during the 2nd and 3rd positions but was able to end on a really high note during the final vaginal position, fucking her almost equally as hard as he did in cowgirl
-her reactions also felt just as natural as they did in the 1st; good strong and loud moans and VERY occasionally moans “yeah” when it’s really good for her; facial expressions remain the same for the most part, showing her immersed in the sex throughout the episode
-no condom used in tonight’s episode
-a very brief anal section towards the end which she visibly struggled with
-scene ends with a creampie
-best position would have to be cowgirl, the 1st position, as this was the most explosive action we get from the two
-anyone that was a fan of her 1st episode should be satisfied with her 2nd; sex for the most part was just as engaging, her energy level and performance was once again excellent; plus anal fans will enjoy the brief anal section at the end; something for everybody to enjoy in this episode

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Thought it was a good scene. I agree with you buster that cowgirl was the best position. In my opinion, that's usually true for most GDP scenes. I think I liked her first scene better though. Too much hype around this one maybe? If I were to have my way, I would have had her in a threesome rather than the anal and cream pie. Your reviews are spot on as usually buster!
There was a position like standing doggy. It was unusual thing and so hot to watch.

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