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Review for 1/13/17
[Image: 2vl8z0y.jpg]

1/13/17 Review:
-21 years old
-comes off like the quiet/down-to-earth kind of girl; smiles a lot during the interview but gives quick answers for the questions; still has a friendly enough personality to come off as likeable
-attractive girl with mid-length/long dark hair: very thin figure with skinny arms and legs, average sized fake tits and little ass

About the sex:
-gives a hot BJ with a good amount of effort and energy involved; is not able to get him down very far but does actively tease him by constantly taking it out of her mouth to put it back in; focuses on the camera at first but then switches her attention on him as she sucks him off; makes good use of both hands during one section and even stuffs her own face down as far down as she can take him until she gags during another section
-sex starts quite different from past episodes with reverse cowgirl; starts at an average pacing and gets pretty hot and heavy as the episode progresses, particularly during the 2nd and 3rd positions; her energy levels aren’t as high as most girls we’ve seen, starting off decent during the riding positions in the 1st half and tapering off during the 2nd half, ultimately affecting the overall chemistry of the performance
-vocal feedback starts quiet but quickly turns into strong moans although at times the moaning felt a little fake, especially towards the 2nd half; facial expressions show clear signs of pleasure although never completely taken over by it
-no condoms used in this episode
-scene ends with a facial
-best position in my opinion would have to be cowgirl
-tonight’s episode had its highs and lows; the 1st half of the episode was great, starting off strong with pretty hot sex, unfortunately it felt as if the performers were unable to maintain this during the 2nd half; her BJ skills were quite good and better than the average GDP girl, however her reactions at times made it seem as if she was going through the motions while other times she looked and felt as if she was genuinely enjoying herself; ultimately I feel like the scene had the potential to be outstanding if she showed a little more enthusiasm

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