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Review for 12/30/16
[Image: 24d0rq0.jpg]

12/30/16 Review

-21 years old
-smiles a lot but comes off a little bit standoff-ish and has a somewhat stern but friendly personality; sometimes gives one really short answers and sometimes gives detailed answers, almost didn’t want to answer the “how many guys have you been with?” question
-speaks with an accent but not able to determine where she’s from
-incredibly gorgeous woman with small tattoo running up her back and belly button piercing: small-average tits, very sexy beefy ass and nice full legs, overall an incredibly sexy body

About the sex:
-BJ was incredibly hot with the way she moaned and rubbed herself while sucking; she was very passionate about what she was doing sucking at a nice energetic pace and getting the cock pretty far down her throat, but not completely down; makes a lot of eye contact with him and even gives his cock little kisses throughout; she was very much into giving a great performance here

[Image: 28vbsjt.jpg]

[Image: nb4qwg.jpg]

- he doesn’t get aggressive with her during the BJ until mid scene where he holds her down more and does a little throat sexing making her gag a few times

[Image: 654mly.jpg]

[Image: 1emngk.jpg]

-sex started off pretty average during the 1st half of the episode despite a few short bursts of energy from the male talent and picks up noticeably during the 2nd half although still not quite achieving the true explosive nature we’ve seen in the past; despite the lack of hot heavy hardcore pounding, the chemistry level still felt hot enough between the two due to her reactions
-vocal feedback consists of heavy breathing and moaning during the 1st half of the episode with more frequent moans during the 2nd half; her noises felt a little monotone at times although she does get noticeably louder during the hard pounding; facial expressions show enjoying herself quite freely with her lost in the pleasure at times; all reactions felt genuine

-scene ends with her taking his load in her mouth and swallowing it while moaning and kissing his cock while still giving him post head; overall a really hot ending

[Image: sxcdjo.jpg]

-best position in my opinion would have to be doggy as it was here when he finally decided to step the pounding up
-overall the episode was another GDP winner; both BJ sections were incredible to watch and the sex, particularly during the 2nd half was also quite enjoyable; would have liked to have seen more consistency in energy throughout the entirety of the episode from the male talent but there is definitely enough sexiness to add this scene to your collection

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