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Review for 12/23/16
[Image: 24dog8y.jpg]

12/23/16 Review
-20 years old
-smiles a lot; seems like a really chill girl; comes off very confident and sure of her herself; is very comfortable giving detailed answers; overall a really cool personality
-admits to being bi-sexual; claims to have been with more women than men
-is very much into threesomes, having shared her ex-boyfriend with other many other girls
-physical features include big natural tits with two nipple piercings, thick legs, no good shots of her ass in the beginning but from cowgirl and doggy positions it looks pretty juicy

[Image: 2lm29ls.jpg]

[Image: 2uhv1ch.jpg]

About the sex
-she says that she thinks she gives really good BJ’s and shows as her BJ skills were pretty hot; occasionally makes eye contact during her sucking and is able to get him very far down her throat; she sucks at varying speeds from slow to average pacing and primarily uses her mouth with little-to-no assistance from her hands

[Image: 29nfexe.jpg]

[Image: 23ie0k0.jpg]

[Image: t68myx.jpg]

-sexual chemistry between these two was really hot; sex starts off with her riding him very comfortably and soon turned into her taking a really good and hard pounding; sex remained hot for the entirety of the episode, however the sex does deviate a lot between somewhat passive and explosive, particularly in reverse cowgirl (although he does fuck her really hard toward the end of missionary) which in my opinion slightly hurts the overall episode
-vocal feedback was mainly quiet in the beginning with very short sporadic breaths and sighs which immediately turned into strong moans and became more frequent the more the sex got harder; facial expressions show her getting lost in the sex quite a bit and able to handle his size quite comfortably; makes a lot of frequent eye contact during the shoot
-shorter than average length GDP episode coming in at just over 40 min
-scene ends with a facial
-best positions would have to be all of them except for reverse cowgirl; watching her ass bouncing and rippling in cowgirl and doggy was true delight and the male talent really lets her have it in missionary; extra points for rubbing her own asshole during doggy

[Image: 141mkjm.jpg]

-all in all this episode is an absolute winner; lots hot sex throughout the entire episode and her body is a real work of art, however I would have liked to have seen more consistency between the harder pounding but from her reactions throughout the sex and her big grin smile at the end there was no doubt that she was completely satisfied

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