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Review for 12/16/16
[Image: bed26p.jpg]

12/16/16 Review
-21 years old
-never asks her about her relationship status
-has a real bubbly and charming personality and smiles a lot during the interview; is very comfortable during the interview giving nice solid answers to the questions
-very cute girl with long blond hair: nice big natural tits, small but full legs, flat stomach, VERY sexy bubble butt

About the sex:
-BJ skills were pretty standard at first and get really hot towards the end; is only able to get him down a little past half way but her occasionally moans while sucking make it extra hot to watch; puts in good amount of effort during the BJ especially towards the end and primarily uses her mouth with occasional assistance from her hands
-the sexual chemistry between these two was very good from the start; we get lots of hot sex throughout the entire episode with really good hard pounding towards the 2nd half; lots of energy from her from start to finish and was very comfortable taking his size
-vocal feedback consists of strong moans and gets noticeably louder whenever he gets really deep; facial expressions show her lost in the sex and sometimes overwhelmed with pleasure, often tilting her head back during the really pleasurable moments; there’s no doubt that she enjoyed the fucking as at times it almost felt as if she forgot the camera was even filming her

[Image: 16qavr.jpg]

[Image: mrftk2.jpg]

-scene ends with a facial
-every single position was hot to watch with each having high energy levels; whichever your personal favorite position, you will definitely not be disappointed; I will throw in that she does ride him really good in cowgirl

-my goodness, this episode is almost too good to describe in words; I absolutely loved watching this girl and the scene; she seemed really excited to get into it from the interview and she absolutely did not disappoint; she came to fuck and put on an amazing performance and the chemistry between these two felt as if you were watching two people who couldn’t keep their hands off each other; calling this a classic goes without saying as this episode felt very reminiscent of the older GDP episodes

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This was one of my favorite scenes. Big Grin
One thing I noticed she said during interview she did not do anal and probably won't try it. The scene had alot of ass play through out (thumb in the bum & fingers) & she seemed somewhat into it except toward the end of mid scene BJ while on her stomach he jackhammered her "ballon knot" to the point she seemed to try & squirm out of it, but other than that she seemed to enjoy. Anyway great review! Great scene!!

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