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Review for 12/3/16
[Image: e1fbxi.jpg]

12/2/16 Review:
-19 years old
-very bubbly and charming personality; smiles a lot and is very comfortable giving answers
-claims to lost her virginity at 13 in a church
-very cute and attractive girl with mid length blond hair: nice tight body with toned stomach, average sized nice perky tits, thin long legs, small but tightly firmed ass

About the sex:
-gives an average BJ; is not able to get him down her throat very far but shows good enthusiasm for what she is able to work with; uses her hands a lot to assist with the BJ; primarily focuses on him but occasionally and happily makes sexy eye contact with the camera

[Image: v4p277.jpg]

-sex starts off very easy but quickly gets into heavy pounding early on; maintains a really good pounding for most of the episode; was very comfortable taking his cock with no signs of being uncomfortable or wanting to slow down
-vocal feedback starts with strong moans from the beginning and gets much stronger the harder she gets fucked; will occasionally moan out “oh yeah” when it gets really good for her; never gets too loud but her moans are very consistent; facial expressions showed her being greatly pleasured but not totally lost in the sex; spends a good deal of time making eye contact with the camera but still looked and felt very natural
-no condom in tonight's episode
-scene ends with her very first facial and nice sexy post head
-all positions were equally hot and sexy with each one consisting of really good hot fucking

-this episode is an absolute winner with everything you could possible ask for; a good enthusiastic and very sexy girl with a really tight and sexy body and the kind of chemistry from both performers that we’ve all grown to look forward to; not much more to say than that, go watch and let the action speak for itself

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Thanks Buster! No way this girl is single though. She looks like wifey material.
great scene but i do like when the model gets asked what does she think of his cock
This girl was fantastic. I love how she smiles and sticks out her tongue a little during the facial. Great update!

[attachment=780]This is 2nd buster
That girl deserves free tuition... and to shoot some more videos.

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