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Review for 11/18/16
[Image: vxov42.jpg]

11/18/16 Review
-20 years old
-never asks her status but can be assumed she’s single as she states she has sex with a guy she regularly hooks up with
-comes off very confident during the interview; definitely a girl that knows what she wants and what she likes, almost a tiny bit snobby but that bad; gives good detailed answers to the questions; has good chemistry with the interviewer
-claims to have had sex with a lot of guys, around 20; also claims to have had a lot sex with black guys in college and says is used to big dicks
-very attractive girl: average sized tits, nice juicy ass (especially when it’s bent over), very sexy legs, small tattoos on her left ribcage, on the back of her neck and on her left wrist

About the sex:
-gives a fairly standard blowjob; sucks at a pretty slow pace at first and only slightly picks up steam as it progresses; is not able to get him very far down her throat (only about half way), makes good eye contact with the camera at times; keeps her hand on his dick but does not use it too much while sucking, primarily focusing on sucking only
-sex started off soft and picked up to a hot pace pretty quick particularly in the 2nd half of the episode; chemistry look and felt hot between the performers although we don’t get the really hard pounding we’ve seen in the past
-vocal feedback consists of lots of strong moans and occasions moans of “yeah”; facial expressions show lots of pleasure although not quite lost in sex; spends a good amount of time looking into the camera but primarily focuses on the male
-no condom used
-no POV cowgirl angle
-scene ends with her very first facial
-best position would have to be cowgirl due to watching her sexy ass bounce and being the most energetic in terms of getting fucked; doggy should also be noted due to her incredibly sexy ass, particularly the POV doggy section

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Where you been kid?

Watching GDP without Busta Busts preview is like Harold Melvin without the blue notes... the scenes never go platinum!
(11-19-2016, 06:40 AM)bivvy Wrote:  I can deal with a landing strip but just plain wild Amazonian jungle is too much for me...

Yeah, I was turned off by Amazonian jungle myself. In my opinion, a woman's completely shaved bare pussy is a beautiful sight to behold.
For real buster...where u been hiding? Any chance I can get those reviews that we spoke of? Please come through dude!
Doesn't anybody see a problem with the image quality for this episode? It has the same look of a dirty lens or noise that some of the other recent videos have had.

Personally I like the "amazonian jungle" look. Maybe it's my age but a shaved pussy will never look natural to me. I mean physically it's the hair which distinguishes a woman from a girl among other things and it has nothing to do with smell. That's not to say I don't respect other people's preferences. It's MY taste (pun intended) that has been relegated to a niche.

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