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Review for 3/11
(03-13-2016, 03:01 AM)riv Wrote:  "sweet girl with an innocent charm about her"

exactly. i loved that.

Definitely.  I wouldn't necessarily rate this girl the best looking or hottest sex but you could fall in love with her. Imagine having a great sex life with someone you'd really like having a beer with and who your mum would love.
ps. I'm making my first post here not because I was smitten by this girl but the fact that Mark obviously was!  He sounded and acted like he had a big crush on her compared to his usual days work.  Loved it.  And is this the only one where they've travelled to where the girl is?
Why was my post removed?
(08-08-2016, 09:13 AM)klh72 Wrote:  Why was my post removed?
I've got no idea. It was a good comment and I wanted to reply but couldn't find it on the site.
(08-08-2016, 03:56 PM)queenMT Wrote:  
(08-08-2016, 09:13 AM)klh72 Wrote:  Why was my post removed?
I've got no idea. It was a good comment and I wanted to reply but couldn't find it on the site.

This scene is definitely a keeper!
New to the site. Definitely need more like this one. Is there any BTS for her? 2nd scene?
(03-11-2016, 08:38 PM)Buster Wrote:  [Image: jazvvk.jpg]

3/11/16 Review:
-18 years old; added bonus is she’s a senior still in HS
-interviewer never asked if she’s single or in a relationship
-sweet girl with an innocent charm about her; smiles a lot, she’s definitely happy to be there
-says she 1st had sex at 16 years old
-possible that she’s not all that experienced with sex as she claims to be afraid of threesomes
-cute looking girl: small-average sized tits with pierced nipples, toned stomach and thin legs, little ass

About the sex:
-gives an incredibly slow but concentrated BJ for the most part; had more of a sensual feel as she did seem quite into it; no deepthroating but does try numerous times to get it down as far as it could go
-the sex was more on the tamer side as it felt more like a regular couple having regular sex that just happens to be in front of a camera
-vocal feedback consisted mainly of heavy breathing and sighs which turned into load moaning as the scene progressed; moans definitely did not feel fake or produced; facial expressions showed clear amounts of pleasure
-bonus points for no condom use this week
-for the 1st time in years we get a new position: spooning; we got to clearly see pussy play from the male talent and she reacted quite pleasantly to it; I really hope to see more of this in the future

-during the 2nd BJ we get also for the 1st time (I think) a good clear view of her pussy and ass

-also worth noting is the more centered bird’s eye view during the cowgirl position
-scene ends with a facial with a pretty big load
-post interview also includes for the 1st time improved lighting in the bathroom so now we get to see the girl much clearer as she washes the cum off her
-best positions in my opinion would have to be between cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions; spooning position should obviously be noted for the simple fact that it was new
-although the sex was not as hard as it has been in past episodes, this week’s episode was extremely positive solely due to all the additions such as the new position and angles; as for the sex, the focus I felt was more on her and her experience of filming a porn for the 1st time rather than watching a girl getting the shit fucked out of her; she smiles a lot during the interview and after the sex and was obvious she had a really good time filming her scene

Join GDP to watch the FULL scene now!

Can someone post the thumbnail in the members area for this girl?  (or maybe provide the "page" number she's on)  I can't find her.

I really hope GDP comes up with some newer tags like "nipple piercing", "tongue piercing", and "swallow" to name a few.

Thanks in advance.
That's interesting.

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