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Review for 2/19
[Image: xdawpk.jpg]

2/19/16 Review:
-22 years old
-in a relationship for 9 months
-not a shy girl; comes off a little sassy and cool; has a good rapport with the interviewer; has a bit of an accent
-really cool to hear Jordan giving the interview again
-hot blonde: big unnatural tits, thin legs and small frame, nice perky ass

About the sex:
-sucks his dick between a slow and average pace, but moans frequently during the BJ which makes it really hot; not able to completely deepthroat; male talent tries to get her a little more into the BJ but she was unable to handle the size; bonus points for Jordan asking her to compare male talent’s dick size to her BF’s and encouraging her to deepthroat him; very reminiscent of vintage GDP
-before the sex we get a much longer than normal view of her naked body, and some nice time watching her play with herself
-sex starts off soft and slow; was clear that the male talent wanted to really let loose on the pounding at first but she had to slow him down in the 1st position, a clear indicator that she’s never been with someone of his size; by the 2nd position however that obviously wasn’t the case as she had no problem bouncing on him; at this point the sex really picks up in speed and intensity throughout the scene although there were times when she still had to hold him back; by the final position cowgirl she was 100% comfortable with his size as she had no problems riding him nice and hard
-vocal feedback consists strong moans that get progressively louder the faster and harder she gets fucked, with small amounts of verbiage (oh god, oh fuck); face shows clear signs of pleasure; did not get any sense she was faking it
-bonus points for Jordan bringing up her BF again during doggy after she just got pounded out although I couldn’t make out what he asked her
-best position is clearly cowgirl position as the sex reached maximum intensity during this position; missionary is hot if you like seeing her struggling with his size
-I would say the highlight of this episode would be watching her progression from struggling to handle his size in the beginning to completely owning it by the end; she said in her interview that the sex with her BF was really good, but with the way she was riding his dick towards the end, she might have to reevaluate that

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Great review Buster!
Good review as always..very animated girl
(02-21-2016, 11:34 AM)NathanGrey Wrote:  Good review as always..very animated girl

Thanks dude. I appreciate it.
Good review! I always look forward these reviews. I don't get what Jordan said in the cowgirl either. Anyone knows??
(02-22-2016, 05:54 AM)mironmaiden Wrote:  Good review! I always look forward these reviews. I don't get what Jordan said in the cowgirl either. Anyone knows??

Giddy up, cowboy.
She is one of the hottest ever on gdp. Great usual. Wish Jordan would speak up a little so we could hear him. She seemed to really enjoy it!
Watching this scene again from beginning to end, I have to admit, it may be my favorite! In my opinion, although I am not a fake boob guy, she is the hottest girl to ever do GDP.  Her body is flawless and she really does a great job making it look like she enjoyed getting f-ed. I love how she rubs her clit during missionary and rev cowgirl. I love how she sucks his cock with all her sucking popping sounds while moaning. I love how she cleans him off for a few seconds of head after he busts. Listened a few times to what Jordan asks her at the end of doggy. Pretty sure he says " didn't you say that you haven't had sex with your boyfriend before this and now your having sex with this guy?"  Something to that affect. It's confusing though because she says in the interview that her bf is good in bed. Maybe she lied about how long they were together or something. 

I love this scene, however these are a few things that would make it even that much better. These are things that we've all seen in other gdp scenes. 
-the make talent smack her ass more during cowgirl.(not sure if these girls tell him to take it easy with the spanking)
-have male talent slap her big fake tittys during sex/with his cock
-have Jordan tell her to tell male talent to "f the sh*t out of me" during rev cowgirl
-have Jordan ask her more about his cock size during sex because she seemed multiple times to not be able to handle his size 

That's all folks.
Buster...where u at?

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