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Review for "Mormon girl"
(06-17-2017, 08:07 PM)Buster Wrote:  [Image: vfw66a.jpg]

-21 years old
-in a relationship for a few months and states that he doesn’t know what she is doing, eventually winds up marrying him
-comes off a little bit shy but very confident at the same time; smiles and giggles a lot and gives good detailed answers to questions; overall I’d say she has a good sweet girl type of personality with an obvious hint of a naughty side
-declares very clearly that she very much likes sex; also states that she’s a “good Christian girl”
-very attractive girl with incredibly sexy tits and an overall fuckable body; unfortunately we get no good shots of her ass

[Image: n32kr6.jpg]

About the sex:
-starts off with a slow and sensual blowjob; doesn’t get it down very far down her throat but the moans from the male talent gives good indication that her mouth still must feel very good; listening to Jordan give small directional cues helped to add to the hotness; uses her hand to assist for the 1st half but switches to no hands after Jordan tells her to remove it

[Image: 2uxv4ba.jpg]

[Image: 30acojp.jpg]

-started off giving the BJ fully clothed, then switched to topless to continue, then stripped fully nude at the end; especially loved how all of this was captured on camera with no edits, just one continuous shot; also loved how Jordan asked the male talent to remove her panties but unfortunately was cut before he was able to fully remove them
-sex started off very hot with some good and hard but slow pounding very early on; pacing of the sex switches between kinda slow and average paced, but the pounding remained good and strong for most of the episode; the chemistry between these two was especially hot as you get a really good feeling of watching two people who are totally into each other fuck with no other concerns around them
-vocal feedback consists mainly of heavy breathing and strong moans from her throughout the episode; we do get very few instances of “oh my god” from her during sections of cowgirl when he’s really giving it to her; she has some of the sexiest reactions I’ve seen out of most of the girls from her facial expressions to the way her hands curl up when it’s really good for her leaving no doubts that she was totally enjoying the sex

[Image: i1k6ww.jpg]

[Image: 33djkw8.jpg]

[Image: aubkae.jpg]

-17:15 Jordan asks her if she likes her hair pulled to which she subtle admits that she does

-scene ends with her taking the load in her mouth before she spits it out on her chest

[Image: jhq41s.jpg]

[Image: 168brxx.jpg]

-in my opinion, both cowgirl positions tie for being the overall best positions for them having the hardest sex (with a notable orgasm towards the end of reverse cowgirl); doggy was also really hot due to having the best view/angle of her sexy reactions

-for those new to this episode, this one ranks among one of the best for a lot of GDP members, easily in the top 10 favorite scenes for a lot of members for sure; this episode has everything you can hope for: an incredibly sexy girl with an incredibly sexy body, good hot sex with amazing chemistry between the two performers for the majority of the scene, and the added bonus of her being in a relationship for those that are into that aspect of the girl; although released years ago, her and this episode is still occasionally brought up in discussions and in my opinion, justifiably so.

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