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Review for 9/30/16
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[Image: 96gad2.jpg]

9/30/16 Review
-never asks her age but based off her demeanor, I would assume young 20’s
- a little soft spoken but straight forward with her answers; comes off very confident and has a bit of a no nonsense vibe to her; smiles a lot during the interview despite it being one of the shortest interviews in recent memory at just over three and a half minutes
-claims to have not had sex in 3 months and also claims to have never had a facial
-very hot girl: small-average sized perky tits with two nipple piercings, belly button piercing, flat stomach, small frame, thin legs, small but perky bubble butt

About the sex:
-gives a pretty hot BJ; sucks him fairly strong despite not being able to get him all the way down her throat, primarily sticks to only using her mouth aside from a quick times; she didn’t seem to mind when the male talent shoved it down her mouth in one section although it did not last long; sucked him good enough to make her eyes water

[Image: 212xog7.jpg]

-sex started a little easy as she was visibly adjusting to his size in the beginning but picked up to a good strong pace; doesn’t really get to the OP levels of pounding that we’ve seen in the past although there were a few moments when he really gives it to her good and by the final position they were going at it pretty heavy; chemistry overall was extremely hot between these two; would have personally liked to have seen him manhandle her body a little more in missionary but is excusable
-vocal feedback was strong with lots of loud moans and lots of verbal cues (“fuck fuck fuck”… and “oh…my…” among many others); facial features show her lost in sex for the majority of the scene, if not for the entirety; her reactions are among some of the hottest I’ve seen in recent memory with her constantly grabbing her surroundings and even biting the sheets when it was getting really good for her; everything looked and sounded natural

[Image: 21lq4w2.jpg]

[Image: 2lkfj88.jpg]

[Image: 6h47t5.jpg]

-male talent plays with her clit more than does with most girls which leads to a very noticeable orgasm during missionary

[Image: o94e2c.jpg]

-no condom used
-scene ends with a creampie despite being told she might receive a facial; she does say that she’s never had a creampie either so this was her first; no post interview
-all positions were very hot with the exception of reverse cowgirl which was still fairly good; REALLY would have liked to see more angles from doggy as we only get the side view for most of it

-after watching this episode there should be no doubts that she thoroughly enjoyed the experience; even from the beginning of the sex she was borderline in love with his cock and it was clear that she had never been fucked that good before or by that big of a cock; she was overwhelmed with pleasure for most of the episode, going from starting off a tad bit passive on her part to riding him really good towards the end; with her now seemingly experiencing her 1st really good fucking and with how hot the chemistry was between these two, I feel she deserves a 2nd scene to further explore that chemistry on cam which will possibly lead to really explosive sex for the entirety of the episode rather than towards the end

Click here to watch the FULL scene and to get a 50% discount off your membership
yep nice review.

I would like to note how the girl gradually gets drenched in sweat as the scene goes on. I haven't seen a girl get that sweaty since the oooold gdp scenes.
Comes to show how much the jackhammer put her tight little body to work.

Also agree on the chemistry part. At the beginning of the bj she even started by kissing his stomach.
+1 on this review (As always Buster is doing one helluva job). A clear top 10 all time scene in my book.
- If tight is better than loose - It would be a crime not to at least ask for some anal -
Very good scene..some of the funniest reactions of the last two years.

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