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Review for 7/7/17
[Image: 20ud9vt.jpg]

-21 years old
-very talkative and animated during the interview; has a really nice personality, very upbeat and positive; also smiles and laughs a lot; has a bit of a southern accent which comes out at times
-very sexy looking girl with mid length brunette hair with blond tips: big natural tits with both nipples pierced; toned stomach; thin legs and small frame; little ass

About the sex:
-BJ skills were pretty hot; is not able to deepthroat but does suck a good amount of enthusiasm; primarily only uses her mouth in the beginning but did find one section when she used both hands to be pretty sexy; switches to lots of hand assistance towards the end; afterwards she states that he was “dick-punching my uvula with his penis” due to him getting a little aggressive towards the end

[Image: ipo9dt.jpg]

-sex started off average and picked up quite nicely as the episode progressed; does not get to the full explosive nature we’ve seen in the past but the chemistry between them looked and felt quite hot and never really slowed down; towards the end he really starts to give it to her
-vocal feedback consists of short sighs and moans but was mostly quiet; facial expressions show lots of pleasure from her, particularly in the last position when he was really letting loose on her; she looked as if she was lost in paradise and at times looked as if his size was a bit too much to handle
-scene ended in her very 1st facial which she seemed to really enjoy
-best position would have to be doggy due to how hard he was fucking her compared to the rest of the episode, plus her reactions which showed how much she was really enjoying it

-overall this was a really solid episode with no real downsides; we had a girl that was genuinely excited about her experience from the very beginning to the very end and the sex was incredibly hot especially towards the end

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