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Review for 7/14/17
[Image: 2_2.mp4_002584993.jpg]

-18 years old
-a little soft spoken but also very direct; gives short and to-the-point answers to the questions; not much to her personality as she seems somewhat aloof during the interview but she does smile a lot
-claims to be bisexual and has been with just as many girls as she has with guys
-cute looking girl with mid length braided hair; average sized perky tits, sexy flat stomach, long legs at 5 ft. 9 in, nice thick bubble butt

About the sex:
-gives a pretty sexy looking BJ; is not able to get it all the way down her throat but does get it down a considerable amount sucks with a good amount of effort and energy; primarily uses her mouth for most of the BJ with very little assistance from her hands; very occasionally makes eye contact with the camera as she focuses mostly on sucking

[Image: 2_2.mp4_000589799.jpg]

-sex started off tame and gradually picked up to some pretty hot and heavy pounding which lasted for most of the episode; chemistry levels between these two were through the roof as it looked as if she had no other concern in the room and was able to fully enjoy the hot sex

[Image: 2_2.mp4_000875809.jpg]

-vocal feedback consists of short but loud sighs and moans and some heavy breathing and a few sexy cries of intense pleasure; facial expressions show her comfortable and mostly at ease even during some of the harder pounding portions; she does have a few good reactions when it looks as if he’s hitting her spot just right; overall she looked as if she definitely knew her way around a good pounding

[Image: 2_2.mp4_002185624.jpg]

[Image: 2_2.mp4_002050701.jpg]

-no condom used for today’s episode
-no POV doggy section
-scene ends with him cumming all in her mouth which she swallows; gives him some good post head afterwards
-all positions were equally hot but cowgirl and doggy should definitely be noted for seeing her thick ass in action

-definitely some of the better sex in tonight’s episode; he really gives it to her and doesn’t really let up for the entire episode; she had no problems handling his size and was both able and eager to take everything he threw at her, while also having no problems giving back with how hard she bounced on his dick during cowgirl positions and how hard she was throwing her ass back during the doggy position

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