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Review for 4/28/17 - Kristen Bell Look-A-Like Is Back for More
  • Says she's 19 y/o
  • mentions she is looking forward to it being "smoother", suggesting the scene will be milder than her first
  • dyed her hair, got a tattoo
[Image: 19.jpg]

BJ 1:
  • starts off a little slow but does a good job maintaining eye contact with him
  • still can't get it down more than halfway
  • can hear light moaning towards end of scene when he tries to become a bit more aggressive
  • she's a bit more vocally engaged from the start (people commented about how she was quiet in her first scene review), with some soft moans but definitely not forced
  • seems to be enjoying herself a bit more than her first scene. some light clit play and sensual facial expressions
  • at the end of the POV, she says "not so hard," which makes me believe the remainder of the scene will stay fairly mild
  • but the pace picks up a bit to wrap up this position
  •  the pace fluctuates between faster to her regular speed, but she becomes noticably more vocal during the POV
  • it's obvious he wants to bump up the tempo, and is kinda necessary, but i guess she can't take it :c
[Image: 41.jpg]

BJ 2:
  • does a good job keeping eye contact with the camera
  • he strokes her hips and ass a little bit. some light fingering for future scenes would be cool to get her moaning
  • she tries to go deeper, but still can't get more than halfway down
  • starts off a little slow, but starts to pick up a little along with her moaning
  • ass slapping gets her off a bit, but stronger slaps would've been nice
  • her eyes intensify for a split second right before he starts to fuck her faster
  • it seems like the scene is about to pick up when he pushes down on her waist, but abruptly transitions into POV
  • the tempo picks up after the POV, but definitely wasn't long enough
Reverse Cowgirl:
  • constantly looking back, or to the sides, and eyes closed most of the time
  • you can tell she's not as engaged by this position
  • the sex stays relatively mild until towards the end, where it picks up to some semi-hard fucking (FINALLY!)
  • almost entirely nut sucking
  • but damn that pretty face looks great with splooge all over
  • ends with her saying "it was awesome" but her facial expressions say otherwise
[Image: 82.jpg]

  • the scene stayed mild for its entirety, which was a disappointment
  • the chemistry wasn't really there and she wasn't all too engaged
  • overall, the scene was subpar, but the girl herself is still gorgeous
  • best scenes: POV cowgirl and end of reverse cowgirl where she finally gets it harder

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