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Review for 3/17/17
[Image: 2l9bpl.jpg]

3/17/17 Review:
-20 years old
-comes off soft spoken yet very direct when answering questions; doesn’t have too much rapport with the interviewer and doesn’t seem to have much of a personality
-Jordan is back to do the interview this week
-talks about how she wants to get into porn so we may potentially see more of her
- insanely gorgeous and sweet looking girl: average sized tits, nice full sized ass, small frame

About the sex:
-gives a standard BJ; sucks at a regular pace and is not able to get him that far down her throat; she does make a lot of eye contact with him and switches equally between using and not using her hands for assistance
-sex tonight felt very hot and cold between these two with most of the episode consisting of passive-average pacing fucking; chemistry between them also felt lacking as it felt like she didn’t express too much emotion during the episode; she did not look bored during the episode, however she also didn’t look too engaged in the sex
-vocal feedback was more on the quite side – mostly heavy breathing with occasional soft moans but sounded and felt monotone at times; she does moan “yes” a few times; facial expressions remained mostly static while focusing equal attention to both the male talent and the camera; she had a face almost reminiscent of the “resting bitch face” throughout portions of the episode
-no condom in tonight’s episode
-episode runs a little longer than most clocking in at just over 53 minutes
-funny moment during POV cowgirl when Jordan asks her to compare this dick to her fuck buddy but she does not answer; he does ask her again in missionary where she does answer
-scene ends with a creampie but from the doggy position
-best positions would be from both regular and reverse cowgirl; the brief moment where she looked back at the cam was a nice touch

[Image: 2lkth6u.jpg]

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To me what makes or breaks a scene is how vocal the girl is. When they are too quiet like this girls was, it's so very boring. And when the girl sounds too loud or fake, then it's no good too. But there is for sure a happy medium and then the scene is on point. But when they say nothing or no moaning, it kills the feel.
I agree. But the girls are all different, just like out in the everyday world. Some are screamers and some are quiet.
Agree with that as well. However if these girls are willing to do a adult video, you'd think they would want to get into it a little..  Doesn't have to be top notch, but a little fake moaning would be a lot better even if they are not  moaners in real life.
(03-22-2017, 12:08 PM)Moose97 Wrote:  Doesn't have to be top notch, but a little fake moaning would be a lot better even if they are not  moaners in real life.

Fake anything is never better.
I will agree with my friend moose97. She was just too quiet. Great video. Smoking body. But still. But admin is also right that some girls are quiet. I guess we are so used to porn being all loud moaning and when we don't see it, we are put off by it.

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