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Review for 10/7/16
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[Image: zsn5e1.jpg]

10/7/16 Review:
-round 2 of Smokin Hot Tan Chick in Black Dress
-claims to have done a threesome with two guys before high school

About the sex:
-tonight’s scene was a threesome; also marks the 1st night with a new male talent
-absolutely amazing BJ skills on both males, she vigorously sucks both cocks with great energy and takes turns deepthroating both cocks with ease, with some sexy moaning that shows she really enjoyed handling both cocks simultaneously

[Image: 1zvflah.jpg]

[Image: 14v4207.jpg]

-similar to her 1st scene, the sex was incredibly hot and heavy; chemistry and sexual energy was perfect from all three as both males equally pounded her nice and hard with no awkward pauses or moments; she was equally receptive to both males
-vocal feedback was mainly soft sporadic moans but due to her having a cock in her mouth throughout most of the scene; facial expressions was her mainly focused on sucking off; showed a few moments of good pleasure when the poundings got extra hard

[Image: 34j3dc6.jpg]

-must take note of the over the shoulder view in missionary; was a really hot angle and something I would like more of in GDP

[Image: 2ujntz4.jpg]

-scene ends with a double facial; no post interview in the bathroom
-all positions were equally hot

-without a doubt, this girl came to fuck and it showed tonight; claiming she had experience handling two cocks in the past, she had zero problems tonight, showing equal attention to both talents; she looked totally cock hungry and with the solid performance from both males, this made for one of, if not the best and hottest MMF threesome GDP has ever shot

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