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Review for 10/21/16
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[Image: j607b4.jpg]

10/21/16 Review
-18 years old but will be 19 the next day
-comes very exited in her interview; smiles and laughs a lot; very talkative and comfortable in front of the camera; has a mix between cool girl and girly-girl; one of the most natural and outwardly positive girls I’ve seen in recent memory
-claims to be bi-sexual and has had sex with 7-8 girls and has had threesomes with 2 girls between 5-7 times
-got excited when the interview snuck in the warning about attempting anal
-hot blond with long hair: small-average size tits; toned stomach; average size ass; small tattoo on left rib cage and on her right bicep

[Image: 2h4xs7d.jpg]

About the sex:
-gives a really hot BJ; she sucks at a slower pace but makes up for it with really hot eye contact and extended licking up and down his cock, switches between using and not using her hands; can deepthroat pretty far although not completely all the way

[Image: 11jlkza.jpg]

[Image: 2zyd6rd.jpg]

-sex started off slow and despite a few short bursts of hard pounding, maintained a more softer passive pacing and feel for most of the episode, but what makes up for lack of hard pounding is the overall hotness and chemistry between these two; was convinced that he was really into her and she was genuinely into the sex
-vocal feedback started off very quiet with soft sighs and gradually turned into moans when the sex started to pick up; she had some of the most sensual sounds out of most of the girls in recent memory; occasionally moans “oh fuck” during the harder sections but not too often; facial expressions show her very comfortable yet pleasured from the sex; spends a good amount of time looking into the camera but did not in any way feel like she was not into the sex; all facial expressions and moans felt 100% natural and genuine

-does anal in missionary towards the very end

[Image: wv24oo.jpg]

[Image: ezecfc.jpg]

-scene ends with a facial and even does some hot post head while looking into the camera

[Image: 217p5c.jpg]

-all positions were relatively similar but if forced to pick one, I’d say doggy for the best

[Image: 9tep3q.jpg]

-a unique scene compared to the standard GDP scene; this episode strayed away from the more animalistic hardcore fucking and felt a lot more sensual than most which added a different layer of hotness; listening to her moans felt as if she was truly feeling pleasure all throughout her body and as excited as she came off in the opening interview on top of the huge grin she had when the sex was done, not only do I have no doubts that she left completely satisfied but this makes it a must watch for all types of GDP fans

Click here to join now to watch the FULL scene and to get a 50% discount off your membership
excellent review and excellent video. yeah the girl is really sensual and into it, and she is clearly having fun too. feels so natural and real.

one more thing i loved was her beautiful pale white skin. the interviewer teases her about it, i think pale skin is hot.
She was freaking hot, those are the type of girls i'd to love to see a second round from. Just made for Sex/Porn.
Buster, how's it going with those reviews I requested?
(10-26-2016, 03:33 AM)Moose97 Wrote:  Buster, how's it going with those reviews I requested?


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