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How do I cancel automatic renewal payment?.
(02-24-2018, 06:25 AM)Contact for assistance.pitoloko Wrote:  This is what I'm planning to do:

1. Register with 50% coupon.
2. Wait 30 days for automatic payment renewal for a extra month to get premium.
3. Before the premium month ends, cancel my subscription.

The problem is Epoch doesn't allow to use a Paypal account with no funds to pay with the associated VISA card in that Paypal account, it only allows Paypal account with an associated Mastercard and other cards... so I can't use Paypal (with no funds) and If I want to use my VISA card then I need to use the 'VISA' option on Epoch. Really I can't understand why Epoch allows a single payment with VISA, but it doesn't allow to pay using Paypal with the VISA card associated with my paypal account, when I try to pay using Paypal, Paypal asks me to associate a Mastercard and/or other kind of card (non-VISA) to be able to pay this thing, It doesn't bring me the option to use my VISA in Paypal to pay this billing agent. So annonying.

I wanted to use Paypal because is a friendly payment service on which I can cancel automatic payment renewals at any moment with a single click.

Well, I just would like to know whether Epoch or GirlsDoPorn provides a friendly (online) way to cancel the automatic renewal using the VISA option, without requiring to go to the bank to cancel it.

Thanks for read.

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