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Girlsdoporn official forum thread
The GIF gallery for this week's update is now up.

[Image: 1.jpg]
(03-17-2018, 07:09 PM)Disney Wrote:  
(03-16-2018, 09:41 PM)HBTK Wrote:  
(03-16-2018, 09:23 PM)GaryD Wrote:  I beg to differ, the more kristy the better imo. I think they are sitting on a scene with her. Even when they posted the last one, they said 3k likes for more kristy meaning they either have something or will shoot her again..

What's the deal with Kristy?! She isn't even that cute. She should have stopped after the very first scene. You guys are obsessed with a has been that didn't even have one good scene. Please no more Kristy. She's trash. From what I read on this forum if every week it would be a new Kristy update you guys would be satisfy...I think this is pathetic.

I'd rather have Kristy every week than these downright ugly bitches that we've been getting for the past few months.

Dodgy None of the models were ugly.
This past Friday's girl was very very hot! Cute personality in my opinion and a real tight body. What a nice little bubble butt on her!! I enjoyed watching cowgirl doggy and pov rev cowgirl the best. Dre took her to pound town a few times during this scene so he must have been diggin that pussy. Not sure what happened because she agrees to a facial in the interview then it ends with a creampie. Wish if they were going to throw a "curveball " at us like this wish they would at least show us the chick asking Dre to nut inside her or something. And another thing that annoys me with Girlsdoporn is why does every cream pie have to be with the girl in misonary? Film it in doggy or pov rev cowgirl would he hottest! Then when his cock slips out you can see his nut drop out with it. Gravity people! This chick had such a fatty that I really wish Dre slapped it a lot more during the scene!! Been saying it for a long time now...Girlsdoporn needs to end these videos ina wide variety of pop shots!! Have Dre nut on those fat asses, clits, and tits!! It's always so predictable! Facial or misonary creampie....wwhomp whomp whomp!  I like to complain about things that I feel would be good for Girlsdoporn if you haven't noticed lol. 

In the end....great update for a very cute chick!
Is it too much to ask for the interviewer to ask these girls after the fist bj "so what did you think of that cock!" They used to do this all the time and it's annoying that they don't anymore. Also last week we got the post scene bathroom interview back which was a Girlsdoporn staple for so many years. It need to be in every scene guys!! Everyone wants these little things!! Wtf
Don't know how I just noticed how big this weeks girls pussy lips are!! It was like a punching bag for Dre's nuts when he went balls deep lol. Must have been sore the next day

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