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Camera Guy Suggestion MegaThread (POST HERE)
Want to see Dre nut on asses and tittys not just faces and creampies
For me the interview is one of the best parts of the series.  For me the whole "legit amateur slut" is hot.
For my personal suggestions:
1.  One of the camera guy's low key slut shames if a girl says a high number for guys fucked
2.  Need more details on threesomes if they've done it
3.  If a girl says has done anal, ask about dp [double penetration]
4.  Ask general "what is the 'sluttiest' thing you've done?"  "what is your best sexual experience"  "what kinks or fetishes are you into?"
5.  First time stories aren't very interesting.  They're almost universally "we were 16, it was a boyfriend, it sucked"
6.  Ask about foursomes/groups/couple swap/gangbang/train
7.  Most guys fucked in a weekend
8.  Ask how many guys fucked, assure no judgement/it's fine to be experienced/it's a small number, then ask how many blown.
Would really like to see some "from behind" shots during missionary/doggy.
One of the things that has been missing lately is the post sex interview in the bathroom including the "how many orgasms did you have" question. I would appreciate it if you could return to that, please.
Hey, I came here to say the same thing as MrHappy. I really miss the post-scene interview. The simple question "what was your favorite part of the shoot?" is always my favorite, especially when the cameraman gives the model time to think about it. For me it brings a human element to the whole shoot which differentiates girlsdoporn from other sites. I really hope you bring this back, because without it, I'm just not as excited about new content.

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