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Camera Guy Suggestion MegaThread (POST HERE)
I agree about adding an extra camera angle in to capture beautiful bouncing titties.
So I might be repeating myself but really would love to see this! We all love when the girl lets Dre do the scene with no rubber. It's just not as good when he bags it up but I think this would be super hot. Being that he pulls out or mainly gives each girl a facial, they should allow him to raw dawg it all the time in my mind. It would be super hot if mid scene, the girl tells him he can take off the rubber! And please, if this ever happens GDP, make sure we can hear her say it loud and clear and we get to see him pull out and take the rubber off! Let him pound away without the rubber for the remainder of the scene!

Also would love to see Dre with two girls. I've seen this in the past but im not sure which scene. It's been a while I think. A girl says that she brought her girlfriend for support and then the camera guy asks mid scene if her friend wants to join. It would be super hot to see this again with Dre proceeding to pound them both out! 
Just felt like throwing these suggestions out there again!
100% should be asked in every video!!!! Even with bodybuilder lol
Although this past weeks girl was really not into it, I did love how Dre pulled out a couple times during cowgirl to slap her ass with his cock. Now if he'd only do it during close up doggy!! That's something I'd really like to see!!
Just wanted to say I appreciate the standing doggy in this week's scene (January 20 with the returning girl), keep that up. On a more nerdly note, I also appreciate the better lighting than the first time around with this girl, thanks. Smile

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