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Camera Guy Suggestion MegaThread (POST HERE)
(11-13-2016, 12:21 AM)Joe86uk Wrote:  I don't like to rain on other people's suggestions, but I agree with the few posters above, I would hate to see the models 'acting' and doing forced things like dirty talk. Some of the girls really get into it, and you can see it is genuine, and that is what is great about this site; seeing amateurs get fucked nice and hard, but they aren't actors and should be informed to just act natural (some of course might play it a bit), but I wouldn't like to see them encouraged to act.
Well stated!
Just to clarify. In GDP scenes from months even years ago, the camera guy would tell the girls to say certain things. Ex "F the sh*t out of me". Stuff like that. Not wanting the girls to talk dirty through the entire scene. That would be fake a cheap.
when cameraman ask girl to get naked he should grab the tits, ass, maybe even say you know what i wanna see what your bj skills are like and get in on the action!
I really wonder if it's up to model for diff views sometimes though guys....I mean if a girl doesn't want to be choked that can't make her do it ..right?
I would have to agree. They prob go over what the girls will allow, like, are willing to try. Sure most don't want to go raw dawg, some don't get smacked as much(they prob aren't down for it), some don't get choked or pounded that hard(they prob want it taken easy on them). It's understandable to an extent. But if they are willing to go this in the first place, might as well go all out right?!?!
(02-17-2016, 04:06 AM)gameofzones Wrote:  
(02-17-2016, 02:59 AM)Chancy Wrote:  some very good suggestions thus far r.e. the positions.

I would also just add that the face down ass up shot showing off the girls pussy and arse just before the pounding in the last scene was awesome. Is there any chance you can get this shot each week and after she has shown off arse and pussy in doggy position have her flip over onto her back for a close up of the pussy and ask her to spread her pussy lips, this just before the fucking commences.

Keep it up!

The one thing I used to love in the old episodes was when they started the BJ they would ask questions like "what do you think of that dick" "how does it compare to your BF/guys you've been with" and my absolute favorite "how deep can you get that into your mouth" i.e.  Deepthroat as much as you can.  PLEASE BRING THESE BACK.

Also bring back the close up creampies, from start to oozing finish. Close up vaginal sex, is a must, make her spread those lips while pounding her hard and make the clip longer. Also when bring in the threesome, and close up double penetrations. On close up camera double penetrations, one on the arse and her vagina. Close up actions and make these the clips longer. Also do a double penetrations creampies close up on every end of the scenes.
I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this in, but one thing I'd like to see is the girls on their feet when doing cowgirl. We see it in reverse, so why not try it in regular cowgirl and see how that goes
    Andy, I 100% agree. One of my all time favorite girls does this position during her scene. She's from 2015 sometime. I'll post her pic with this. Check her out if you haven't so already  and make sure to watch her scene beginning to end. She does a lot of hot sh*t during it that most of the other girls don't. She's amazing!! Oh, it's 44:52 into the scene that she gets pounded cowgirl with her feet up. Hot hot hot!
Hi there,
I'm a returning member and would like to say that you guys are doing a great job. Love this site and the constant quality!

Since this is a suggestion thread, I would like to add two small suggestions for you to consider.
1. The cowgirl POV sequence in almost each scene has bad lighting. It's way too dark compared to the rest of the scene. A reason for this is, that the girl is sitting with her face to the wall and all the light sources are in the room. Still, trying to fix this problem would definitely enhance the value of the scenes.
2. Some scenes do have a doggy, face to camera sequence, which is great! Unfortunately, almost all the scenes featuring this position/camer angle are a bit sterile. I would LOVE to see the male talent play with the girls boobs during that particular sequence. For some odd reason, doggy with him squeezing her boobs is pretty hard to find in porn these days. Any chance to add this to your arsenal? Smile
Short and bout some good ol Titty f*cking!

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