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Camera Guy Suggestion MegaThread (POST HERE)
More scenes where her pussy is shown underneath while getting pounded doggy.
After reading most of the suggestions I agree with  almost all of them. Just would like to add a few things that I would would like to see personally. 
-More scenes without condoms. I know it's prob up to the girl, but it's so much hotter without. It would be so hot if the  you would try got talk the girl into doing it without a condom and she decides to let him take it off mid scene. 

-Jorden likes to slap the girls a lot, which I love. But have him double
Slap them once in a while per scene. I prefer when he does the Wind  up slap rather than slap and grab. 

-more dirty talk from the girls. You used to tell them to say things like "f the sh*t out of me" and "I love your c*ck" . Love hearing that from them. Also have the camera guy tell them to sit "all the way down" on it during cowgirl/rev cowgirl and  "let it fill you up" then ask them "that's a lot of cock right?"...seen that on another site and thought it was insanely hot.

-the thing that I would love to see most is more c*ck slapping. Mainly at the part when you zoom in during doggy. Have him pull out a few times to slap his c*ck on those fat a$$es.

Just a few things that I'd like to see. Absolutely love this site. Keep it up!!
more dirty talk from the girls would make the best porn site on the net that much better! the girls should show more attention to the balls, during sex the male talent should tell the girls to suck the balls more often and play/massage the balls during sex.
No forced Dirty talk or moans please...ever.
Can I make a suggestion about girlsdotoys? You should get some close up shots of the girls taking their fingers and opening up their pussy lips.
For the girls with nice racks consider doing more profile shots especially in the cowgirl segments. Am I the only one here who thinks bouncing side boob shots are hot? Back boob shots are also great which would only require moving a little bit to the right or left of center during cowgirl.
Asking the girl to spread her pussy wide open after the strip seems to have disappeared after being implemented for a short time.

Please get the girls to show us their pink!
Do you shoot the videos in raw format? I was just curious because in one of the episodes I saw the camera being used and I know that it outputs in raw.
(10-26-2016, 02:53 PM)kingwin Wrote:  No forced Dirty talk or moans please...ever.
I absolutely agree. If you want to watch scripted porn go to the other "amateur" porn sites that are 99.9 percent fake.
I don't like to rain on other people's suggestions, but I agree with the few posters above, I would hate to see the models 'acting' and doing forced things like dirty talk. Some of the girls really get into it, and you can see it is genuine, and that is what is great about this site; seeing amateurs get fucked nice and hard, but they aren't actors and should be informed to just act natural (some of course might play it a bit), but I wouldn't like to see them encouraged to act.

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